Responsible Drinking

Promoting Responsible Drinking
In alignment with the other companies in the brewing sector and under the supervision of APCV – Associação Portuguesa dos Produtores de Cerveja (Portuguese Brewers Association) SCC’s position is one of permanent concern and active promotion of responsible drinking habits, namely with regards to alcoholic beer.

Self-Regulation Code
As a member of Associação Portuguesa dos Produtores de Cerveja (APCV), SCC subscribes to the Portuguese Brewers’ Commercial Communication Self-Regulation Codes which aims to reinforce the ethic aspects of commercial communication (publicity) and contribute to a more responsible consumption of beer. Among other recommendations, the Code alerts to the fact that publicity should not be targeted at young people, encourage youngsters to drink beer nor suggest in any way that its consumption may increase or enhance social success, sports activities or sexual power. Furthermore, it also bans the association of drinking beer and driving.
In fact, the APCV’s Commercial Communication Code of good practices is considered as a best in practice across Europe and is also subscribed by Associação da Hotelaria, Restauração e Similares de Portugal (AHERSP) and by Associação Portuguesa de Empresas de Distribuição (APED). Compliance with the code is monitored by an independent body, Instituto Civil de Auto-Regulação Publicitária (ICAP – Advertising Self-Regulation Institute).

Alignment with the Heineken Group
The issue of responsible drinking is aligned with the policy and strategy adopted by Heineken Group, to which SCC also belongs. Responsibility is the key word in Heineken’s alcohol consumption policy. Its ultimate aim is to produce, commercialize and sell beer in such a way as to create a positive impact in society. All the Group’s companies, SCC obviously included, must ensure that their commercial activities comply with all legal requirements and those contained in the self-regulation code established for the sector and company, and should in no circumstance whatsoever encourage or promote any sort of abusive alcohol consumption.
Heineken is a founder member of the European Alcohol and Health Forum, the European Union’s main platform where bodies active at European level can debate, agree on and implement a common strategy to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol. Heineken also participated in the consultation process arranged by the World Health Organization, which involved intergovernmental organizations, governments, health professionals and economic players, pointing out strategies which it considers to be effective in the control of alcohol-related injuries and losses. Mention must be made to Heineken’s website on responsible drinking, which is called Enjoy Heineken Responsibly.
Also the Sustainability  program, Produzindo um Futuro Melhor-Brewing a Better Future  has the promotion of Responsible Consumption as one of its main focus.

Setting Responsible Drinking as a Priority
Fully aware of its responsibility in this area, in 2009 SCC elaborated a document called “Setting Responsible Drinking as a Priority” with the aim of clarifying and informing its internal and external stakeholders about the Company’s top concerns and priorities with regards to the issue of responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages.

As one of SCC’s main concerns, the recommendation to moderate and responsible consumption of alcoholic drinks, mainly by young people, has become an explicit practice in all the Company’s communication campaigns. It was the first Portuguese brewer to include the message “Be Responsible. Drink in Moderation” in its packaging materials. Since May 2010 all alcoholic Sagres beer references’ labels and packs include a more visible Responsible Drinking Stamp – ENJOY IN MODERATION – which has helped to reinforce the Company’s commitment with the public and reflects its responsibility towards consumers.

In 2008 and through Sagres Zero, Sociedade Central de Cervejas e Bebidas signed an important partnership with ACP (Automóvel Clube de Portugal) and PRP (Prevenção Rodoviária Portuguesa) with the aim of consolidating the Company’s position with regards to responsible drinking and safe driving. One of the main focuses of this venture is road accident prevention, alerting drivers to the intrinsic risks of drinking and driving. To this end, various publicity campaigns and specific bottle labels have been designed and launched for Sagres Zero. It is SCC’s intention to continue implementing initiatives that contribute to an increased awareness and information of the population regarding the issue of safe driving and responsible drinking, by recommending the consumption of non-alcoholic beer.

"Responsible consumption is one of our greatest business challenges. We want to contribute with solutions that are advantageous for all Society,Consumers and the Company."

SCC also defined the communication strategy which it wants to follow in sports activities, namely in football, rugby or other, preferentially backed by its non-alcoholic beer Sagres Zero. This was an important step in the Company’s advertising policy, thus reflecting its concern for the adoption of responsible drinking habits when it comes to sports and youngsters. The range of Sagres Zero beers shows that it is the only beer in the market that plays an active role in the area of social responsibility and in promoting consumers’ awareness to responsible drinking. It is also one of Sagres intentions not to advertise its support to student initiatives, even at university level, nor relate itself with any events that involve motorized vehicles, except through its brand, Sagres Zero.

Even though 16 is the legal age for buying and drinking alcoholic beverages in Portugal, SCC out of its own initiative, considers that all those under 18 should not be the target for any encouragement in this area, as shown in our institutional site, promotional events and actions.

With SCC’s Employees
SCC also aims to increase its employees’s awareness to the added responsibility which it represents for them to be a part of the alcoholic beverages industry, as is the case of beer. In fact, all members of our staff are the company’s ambassadors. To this end, SCC holds periodic actions for its staff, focusing on responsible drinking. Its welcome policy for new top management employees and all new marketeers also includes awareness activities promoted by the Institutional Affairs Department. The latter focus on the company’s responsibility in this area, the strategy and policy of alcoholic beverage consumption and the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility. On an internal level too and in the scope of responsible drinking and safety in the workplace, SCC is currently working on the implementation of Heineken’s programme, Cool@Work, through which employees are trained and informed on issues related with the responsible drinking topic. Special attention is given to sales staff and to individuals who have problems dealing with alcohol. The objective is to improve occupational health and safety, promote responsible drinking and alert and commit all those who work at SCC.

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